In Matthew 27:40, some people who were watching Jesus as He hung on the cross mocked saying,  “You who destroy the temple and build it in three days, save Yourself! If You are the Son of God, come down from the cross.”  At this time Jesus was choosing not to use the power and authority of God which He possessed.  He could have obtained 12 legions of angel to help Him but He chose not to. (Matt. 26:53)  He chose to lay that power down so a greater purpose could come about, the saving of mankind from their sins.  Jesus had power but He chose not to use it.
Many times it is the opposite for us.  We want to use the power of God, yet seem unable to obtain it.  We proclaim a message of how God can help, how God cares for us, how God heals, yet at times it would seem like our prayers and the situations of our lives would dictate otherwise.
A Haitian pastor, in sincerity, asked we,  “A young adult asked me to pray that God would provide an I pad for him, but how can I pray for someone to get an iPad when I don’t even have one myself?”  I knew his frustration and his concern.  Many times I have been asked to pray for someone’s physical healing at the same time as I also was struggling with various physical illnesses.  If I don’t seem to have enough faith or power to remove the runny nose and flue symptoms  that I am suffering from, how can I have faith to heal the one suffering from cancer?
This form of reasoning can cause us to feel that we are unable to accomplish anything, since we all have limitations in our ability and we seem to have limitations in the extent to which God answers our prayers.  But these limitations only exist if the answer to the prayers, the results obtained,  or the supply of provisions depended upon our strength, our faith, or our holiness.  But the scriptures tells us that it is God who does the work, it implies that we are just the vessels or the conduit through who He works.  It is not our skills or abilities that need to improve.  It is God who does the work,  and is not based upon our efforts or our merits.  God ministers by His grace, through His mercy.  We are called to be faithful to do our part and to rest in Him to do His part.
I ended the conversation stating that often I am asked to pray that people will obtain  items that I myself do not possess.  Sometimes these items which are requested seem outlandish and unnecessary for the individual, but that is not always my responsibility to judge.  So I pray for these requests, but also encourage the individuals to seek the item which brings the greatest fulfillment, that which will always satisfy us.  I.e. a strong personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.
Don’t allow your feelings of lack to keep you from letting God work through you.  It is our Lord Who must do the work.  Rest and allow Him to do that.