In the frustrations of a relationship turned soured, in the face of constant irritations, it is easy to leave in a huff, finding fault with one another, yelling at each other.  When the problems loom largely before us, we expose the error of the other individual, show them their short-comings and pull away.  In Jeremiah 31:28, in the Message Version, God says, ” in the same way that earlier I relentlessly pulled up and tore down, took apart and demolished, so now I am sticking with them as they start over, building and planting.”
God’s nature is different than ours.  Yes He corrects, yes, He tears down, but He sticks around to rebuild and replant.   This means that God does not keep any residual anger or frustrations within Him.  He deals with the issues, which are really our issues, and then goes on, trying to work in rebuilding our lives.
It is easy to criticize, find fault, condemn, tear down with our words and actions, however, we too need to be the type of people who stick around to help rebuild and replant.  God did not walk away from the people with problems, and neither should we.
Lord Jesus, it is easy to see the faults, but hard to stick around to rebuild the lives that are falling apart.  Help us to stick with those whom we’ve been in conflict with.  Help us to rebuild, and to replant, hence to be like you.