“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68) I recently talked to some people who have just received the Bible in their own native language. Instead of having to struggle with understanding the scriptures in a language which is not clear to them, they can now read the New Testament with clarity. Here are some of their comments: • “It goes direct to the heart, now I do not need to read and think, it is powerful to me. It tells us clearly know what we are to do. It helps us in the act of good things.” • “As my people continue to study they grow in their faith and they can even correct themselves now.” • “I feel proud because I am now learning.” • “We love reading this book, my wife and I, it doesn’t need much more interpretation, it is more direct. Things that were not clearly understood are now clear. At this time I am finding I do not like the English Bible as my new bible is just so clear to me. There were parts of English Bible I could not understand, but now they are clear (when I read in my own language).” • “Our community is one with a Muslim majority, now with the Bible in our own language, this is one of the few books in this language. The Muslims cannot read and understand a Bible written in Arabic, nor can they understand the Koran in Arabic, but they can understand the Bible in their own language.” • “When I got the Bible, I find that it speaks direct to me. Now we are using this book to teach ourselves, as we are speaking directly to ourselves, by this Bible.” These believers are now more confident and bold in sharing their faith, because they have the truth of God speaking directly to them. Lord, let Your Word always be alive to us. May we cherish the fact that we have the Bible in our own language.