I tried Your way God, and it only got worse!  This is how Moses felt in Exodus chapter 5.  He had successfully done the will of God in speaking to Pharaoh.  He had proclaimed the truth of God’s way and it got worse for the very people that he was trying to help and minister to.  In this chapter Moses’ motives were misunderstood. He was just trying to be obedient to God and it turned out worse for him.  The authorities that he spoke to rejected him.  The people he was trying to minister to, rejected what he was doing.  Instead of liberating the people out of slavery, the authorities claimed the Hebrews had extra time to waste and the work load increased.  Instead of being appreciated by those he was trying to help, they rose in frustration against him (verse 21).  Everything was a big mess.  Many times similar things also happens to us, when we are trying to help people or when we stand for the ways of God.

From Moses perspective everything seemed like it was turning out worse, what was Moses’ course of action? He brought the situation before the Lord.  We can evaluate situations from our perspective, and it might seem pretty gloomy, however the key is to come before the Lord, to see things from His perspective.   So in Exodus 5:22,23 Moses comes before the Lord and then in the next verses of Exodus 6:1-8, Moses hears from God.  Moses’ perspective was realigned so he could go before the people with fresh understanding of the purposes and plans of God on His heart.

Lord help us to learn to rest in Your perspective of the situation, especially when our good intentions seem to be going wrong.  May we not quit in the time of adversity, but remain faithful to Your purposes.