I was raised in Saskatchewan and have lived all my life on the prairies of Canada. It would be common to have winter temperatures of minus 20 – 40 degrees Celsius. Living in the cold, one just dresses warmer, more layers, heavier parkas, scarves, mitts, toques, and winter boots. Though living in a cold winter, yet we have warm houses, offices, stores, and cars from which we make our quick sorties into the cold and then back into the warmth. Anyone can withstand the cold as long as it is not for too long a duration. Though people go to work on cold winter days, buy groceries in the cold and hang out with friends in the cold, it is interesting how the cold weather seems to easily affect weekend church attendance, even when the church buildings are heated. I was recently in China, visiting some “Underground” churches and Bible schools. I met young Christians who eagerly sat all day studying the Word of God in unheated buildings. One could see their breath in the cold room and I quickly felt chilled to the bone, though dressed in a parka, winter boots and gloves. Yet this cold did not dampen the enthusiasm of these Christians. They were overjoyed with praise for their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Yes, it might be the winter season, but is our love for The Lord strong enough that we cannot be kept back from meeting with His people? These Believers in China have so little in the material realm but they have a strong commitment to meet with His people, no matter what the cost. In what areas does your faith need to be strengthened? Are there areas in your walk with the Lord where you let the cold weather or outward circumstances govern your responses to The Lord and His Ways? Ask God to help you so that the circumstances around you will not swerve you from doing what is right. PastorKeithsBlog