We took the show on the road once again to the great cities of Surrey, Edmonton, and Calgary.  We had an incredible response with over 1000 people in attendance between all three cities and well over 100 responses for salvation.  That means over 10% of the people attending made a decision to follow Christ!

The band performed several songs from the “Classic Rock” era and then Pastor Mark preached the message “Jesus Rocks”.

I wanted to personally thank all of you who prayed for our trip.  The previous year we had some unfortunate weather issues that had an effect on the events, but this year things were pretty smooth sailing.

The biggest difficulty we came up against was in Surrey.  As a result of the highway construction, we made a wrong turn on our way to the venue to get set up.  We realized right away that we had made a mistake, but unfortunately there was no way to turn around. We had to go over 20 KM, across the river through rush hour traffic, then turn around and head back again.  But we made it and still had the time needed to set up.

All in all, it was an great success.  Once again, thanks for your prayer support and if you were in one of those cities and were able to see it for yourself, please leave a comment below and let us know how you thought it went.


  1. I attended the show in Edmonton this year, once again, with my daughter and her boy friend and as usual Pastor Mark and the Church of the Rock – “ROCKED.” The music was great and hearing Pastor Mark speak always reaches my heart in a new and higher level each time! AWESOME job! I look forward to next year!
    God bless!

  2. My husband (Dave)and I watch your program every Sunday and just love your style and messages that you deliver! I was sorry to see that we just missed seeing you in the area but I will keep tabs on you for the next time and be there!! We have even discussed joining a foreign ministry trip in the next year! Yours in Christ, Dave and Luella Hallet

  3. Please come to Toronto. You can chase the “rock” away from my house. Please pray for me to set me free from crack addiction. I am already saved, but still struggle with it. thanks.

  4. Hello! Thank you for airing your services, my fiance and i are in between churches and find your style and messages a refresher for our spirits! Ever think about relocationg to Edmonton??? lol ANyways,hoping to be added to your mailing list and definitally looking forward toseeing you next time you are in our locale…. we will not miss it!

    1. Although we have no plans on moving to Edmonton, we have two great churches we work with there. Champion City Church and Victory Church on the Rock. If you want more information about either of those churches I would be happy to connect you up with them. Hopefully we see you next year!

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