What are the constraining pressures surround you?  What are the cold chilling experiences which are upon you, experiences which make you feel like you are entering a dark winter season of life? In I Chronicles chapter 11, the scriptures list some of King David’s mighty men.  These were men who had fought alongside of David and in the eyes of David had earned the place or honor of being called leaders and leaders of leaders.  These men had proven themselves to be exceptional men by facing their enemies and challenges during times when it would have been easier to have quit or to run away.

Benaiah was such a might man see verse 22.  It is recorded that he “had gone down and killed a lion in the midst of a pit on a snowy day.”  Being in a confined area and in the cold slippery snow were not good conditions to be fighting a lion.  Yet Benaiah persevered in spite of the constrictions and the season that was around him.  It is one thing to fight against the obstacles and situations of life when they are thrown at you and you have no choice but to fight or die, but this is not the case with Benaiah.  The scripture says that Benaiah “had gone down and killed a lion.”  It was not that the lion attacked him and in self-defence Benaiah killed the lion.  Instead Benaiah saw the enemy, and went to deal with the situation.

You may be under many pressures or challenging seasons in your life.  Don’t use these seasons for an excuse to hold back and not persevere.  Though there is opposition and battles around you, press forward, face the challenges, become  the mighty man or women that God has called you to be.