It’s kick-off weekend for LOVE WINNIPEG 2011, and there’s excitement in the air about serving our neighbours and tangibly sharing Christ’s love with our city.

Don’t be surprised if the building is a lot quieter over the next two weeks. We believe so strongly in Love Winnipeg that we put everything else on hold and send everyone out to be busy extending a helping hand to those around us in need!

And let’s face it – the needs are great. Love, joy, peace, and hope are ours to extend as we demonstrate in practical ways the GREAT news of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, loving King and Friend. As we serve and as we share, we become His heart and hands extended to those who need to know He wants to welcome them home.

So, grab your red Love Winnipeg t-shirt and get involved!  We’ve got lots of events planned (click here for details) and there’s room for more! Sign-up sheets will be at the various event displays in the main auditorium this week, plus you can just show up at the church Monday-Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm to join our roaming team’s activity for the night.

First stop – RED SEE RALLY – this Sunday at 3:00 PM in front of the Manitoba Legislature. We’ll kick-off the next two weeks by flooding the streets with red and leaving a clean streak behind us! (…literally! Come prepared with garbage bags and gloves to do street clean-up. Church of the Rock folks, we’ll be serving in Osborne Village.)


  1. Jesus I Praise You, for Loving each one of us, unconditionally, no matter what our background is.

    We had this Pulpit Swap, at our church on Sunday and it was Pastor Brian, from the Baptist Church and he had a great message and the questions he had for us, were “How do we live?” and “Do we live according to, what our t-shirts say”,’Love Winnipeg’?
    Love our neighbor, even when they do things, we do not like,then Jesus said to me,”Just Love Them” and He revealed to me, how powerful that message really is.

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