According to a recent survey among Catholics, with the choosing of a new Pope, there is a desire for changes within the church.  Without wading into the debate about the Roman Catholic church, I understand that the kingdom of God needs to be presented to our world in relevant and meaningful ways, and I know that as our culture changes the church needs to “flow with the times.”

In our culture and society where laws are developed and made by politicians, the courts and the voting of the public – the people rule.  We determine our own standards for how our area of civilization should function.  However, we often carry that perspective into the spiritual side of life.  What is interesting is that there is a prevailing thought within our society that the congregation, or the pope or the leadership within the church should change the church.  It is as if the people determine what the church should believe and what is acceptable or what is not allowable.  I believe that in some measure the walking out of our faith can be changed. I.e. the length of church services, the style of the songs sung, the decor of the building, etc.  Yet on another side God clearly states in the scriptures, “I am the LORD, I do not change”( Mal. 3:6)  Instead of God and His standards changing, we should change, because the timeless nature of faith and truth does not change.  The moral and ethical standards of God never change, and their application to our lives never changes.  Instead of asking God to accommodate our desires and weakness, it is us who need to change to line up with His moral dictates.

Whenever moral values and truths are based upon human preferences there is always the possibility that societies will sway into deviant yet public approved behavior.  This was seen in Nazi Germany where Hitler convinced the public that the Jew, the homosexual, the physically weak or the mentally challenged were disposable because they were “hindrances” to society.  Did public opinion make these actions right?  No it didn’t!  In the same way if all the peoples of the world felt that torturing children was allowable, would that make it right?  No, this also wouldn’t be right!   There are absolute moral values and God is the giver of these.  These laws of God written in His word and within our hearts  and demonstrated in the life and teachings of Jesus are for the good of all mankind. Should God lower or change His standards because we don’t like them, no!  We must change.

What aspects of your life need to change to line up with God’s purposes?  Lord give us the strength and ability to change.  Without Your help we can do nothing  (John 15:5).