Loneliness is a constant attack of the mind.  People go through experiences thinking that no-one else understands, no-one else knows what you are experiencing, that there are none that have gone through similar situations.  This is how Elijah felt in 1 kings 19:10, 14 “Only I am left …”  In this situation God speaks and says no I have reserved for myself 7,000 men who have not bowed their knee to other gods.
   In certain countries there is great opposition to the kingdom and work of God.  Christians are being persecuted, horrific things are being done to believers, lives are taken.  At times it may seem like all is lost, the cause and the purposes of God will never be fulfilled.  This is how Elijah felt in 1 Kings 19.  He had attempted to stand against the wicked forces and wicked rulers of his time and had seen few lasting results.  Yet in this situation God speaks and says that he is not alone.     
  In Romans 11:4  the Apostle Paul is also comforted by a similar thought, though it seemed like there were few of his Jewish countrymen walking with the Lord, yet by the grace of God there was  a remnant left who would faithfully walk with Him.
   In your situations of loneliness or isolation look for those who will be there, Godly Christian people.  You are not alone, God always has some of His people close at hand to help you in your walk with Him.