We’re excited to share with you reports from some of the many Love Winnipeg activities that have taken place.

Annual Sherbrook/Westminster Coffee Break Block Party

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I always marvel at how things turn out – people are generous and God is good! The Saturday June 1st the Sherbrook/Westminster Coffee Break Block Party was a huge success.

As I was checking the forecast early this week,  my husband asked me why I would do that … didn’t I know that if the God was interested in having a party on Saturday – He would?   It brought me such a peace and my following prayers were way more focused on whatever is your will Lord … but if it could be great weather that would be awesome – after all we often have not because we ask not and I was all for asking.  When I woke this morning and pulled the blinds open the sun shone bright and it was clear to see – oh what a wonderful day – God wants to have a party today!

And then you [volunteers] came pouring into the parking lot – smiles bright and hearts full.  Our guests arrived and you broke bread together with them.  You loved them.  They could feel it – you could see it in their eyes.  Many returned having joined us for years gone by.  I spoke with a lot of people who sincerely send their thanks for all you do.  For not giving up on this – for coming back – for becoming part of what they look forward to.  Thank you for that.  I know the Lord is smiling on each one of you right now – so proud to be your Heavenly Father.  It is good.

I, too, thank you [volunteers] for taking time out of your ordinary to do something extraordinary once again.  I look forward to hearing your stories of this event  today and I look forward to working side by side with you again next year.

Over the course of 4 hours  we served:

  • 800 + wieners and buns (plus left a 2000 wiener donation in the fridge for other LW events coming up – THANK YOU, GIANT TIGER, Ellice location!)
  • 5 dozen veggie dogs and buns
  • 5 Litres of Ketchup, 4 litres of Mustard, 1 litre of Relish, 10 lbs of onions
  • 24 dozen water bottles
  • 20 dozen juice boxes
  • 32 dozen cans of pop
  • 1000 or so cookies
  • Bags and bags of popcorm
  • 300 Sargent Sundae Dixie cups
  • Dozens of Timbits
  • 43 bicycles
  • 200+ plants
  • $1,000 + personal care products
  • Tables and tables of clothes and toys
  • 2 large cambros of of Tim Hortons coffee
  • 1 large cambro of Starbucks coffee
  • A case of chocolate bars
  • 200 popsicles
  • Hundreds of helium balloons/balloon animals
  • The band played
  • The firetruck was boarded
  • The animals were pet
  • The faces were painted and tattooed
  • Family Pictures were printed
  • Dozens of Bible/Literature books were presented
  • People were loved – Relationships were continued

What a blessing!

Thank you for the vision to love people in our streets – they need us to reach out our hands and hearts and you enable us to move forward.

Be Blessed,

Carolyn Edwards


A HUGE shout out to the Engage Adults and the army of helpers that made the Giant Tiger Car Wash and BBQ a huge success.  Thank you so much for all your/their efforts. Their kindness will be replicated many times over by the people who benefited yesterday in a pay-it-forward format.

While I was not able to be here personally to get them set up , I did make sure they were in good hands!

Over 175 Cars were washed  and over 350 people were fed. There was free prayer, face painting and loads of  fun.

The feedback I received today from our customers has been very positive. The only complaint was again that they weren’t accepting donations – some people have a hard time accepting “free”…

Again, thanks to each and every person from COTR!

Kevin Young
Giant Tiger #424
2195 Pembina Hwy

(and Thank YOU, Kevin, for being our gracious and generous host!)
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Hotdog Evangelism

THURS -JUNE 6 – It was a beautiful day during our Hotdog Evangelism. And it was a very relaxing atmosphere, with our “Love Winnipeggers” throwing the football around, tossing the Frisbee, playing guitar, singing or chatting and int he midst of that approaching others to see if they wanted free hotdogs or water. Once they would be preparing their food or eating we would chat with them about how they were, if they knew Jesus, had any type of physical/emotional pain or needed prayer of any sort.

Many great conversations were had and many people left joyful. They also got information about the Fort Garry Community Carnival.  A few testimonies were one girl being instantly healed from knee pain and another being completely healed from back pain. There were also two little girls who said they knew Jesus and after prayer they said their poison ivy was no longer itchy! They thought it was really cool!  And two people accepted Jesus into their life.  There were a total of 300 hotdogs given away and many bottles of water.

Praise God for a wonderful day!

General Byng School Yard Project

On Saturday, June 8, a bunch of yellow-shirted Love Winnipeg volunteers showed up to pitch in along with teachers and parents and community volunteers armed with rakes and shovels and paint brushes and wheelbarrows and … a barbeque and lunch as well!

General Byng’s Green Team School Yard Naturalization Project has been an ongoing multiple-phase project, and on Saturday we had the privilege of seeing things continuing to take shape in the form of renewed paths, painted bike racks, and general yard clean-up and flower planting.

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