There are some verses in the scripture that I don’t like to read.  It is not because they aren’t true scriptures, but because they challenge my heart with the question, “On what do I focus my life?”.  There are many issues, causes and projects on which I can focus my attention.  Am I highlighting the most important issues?  In Jeremiah 50:6 God laments because, “My people have been lost sheep….  They have gone from mountain to hill; They have forgotten their resting place.”  God then declares how His people were devoured by the adversaries (vs 6).
Verse 5 as quoted above, gives an insight into why the people were easily lead astray and devoured by the adversary,  “They have forgotten their resting place.”  It is easy to get caught up, distracted, and engaged in things that are not important.  The commercials on TV, the advertising in our society, the comparison between others around us can easily distract us and cause us to be unsatisfied.  Our energy, resources, passion and life are then consumed with what does not satisfy.  Israel was easily distracted by the many things that other nations had and what other people had, but “they have forgotten their resting place.”
In Hebrews 4 the scriptures talk about how God has provided a resting place for each of us.  Yet our unbelief will keep us from this rest.  Instead of resting in the provision and the satisfying nature of our Lord Jesus, we strive to get other things to complete us, to fulfill us.  Our rest is lost because we do not learn how to find and enjoy the rest obtained in our Lord.  Later in Jeremiah 50 verse 19 God speaks of bringing back Israel to his home, feeding them and the people being satisfied.
Take a moment to ask yourself, “what distractions are keeping you from being satisfied and from finding your rest in God?”