I was able to have one of my favourite Adopt-a-Block moments last week.  We knocked on a door and when the lady came out, she was shocked to see us.  She explained to me that she only thought we were going to be coming for one year to her block.  When I explained to her that we would continue to come as long as we had volunteers, she was actually a little shocked.  She just could not believe that people would come and do what we are doing for them for free, with no exit strategy.  I love those moments!

We had just enough people last week to be able to do what was asked of us.  The people who have signed up to come out once a month have proven to be invaluable!  We were able to mow a bunch of lawns and continue to build relationship with the people on the blocks.  For all of you who have signed up to come out once a month, THANK YOU!!

This week should be more of the same.  The weather is supposed to be nice and so I am sure we will spend some time mowing lawns again.  What a great time to be a part of this ministry, serving God and enjoying the outdoors all at the same time!


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