After being overseas for 24 days, it is nice to get back to Canada, to be at home.  My wife, familiar foods, the familiar bed, the regular routines, home is so nice!  Everyone knows the tranquility of being at home, unless home is not a place of peace to begin with.  Being in the middle of the purpose and plan of God does make it easier to adjust and be at peace wherever one is, even when away from home.  But where is our true home?  How much of our heart and emotions should be attached to this earth?  Within the scriptures we see that God’s people are called pilgrims and sojourners, those who looked for a different dwelling place, whose builder and maker was God (Hebrews 11:10, 13-16).   As I pondered this desire to “be home”, I couldn’t help but wonder if there should be a stronger urge to be in my spiritual home.  Do we make, or try to make, our lives so comfortable here on earth that we never want to leave this temporary dwelling place?  Are we so involved with “here” that we never seek the best place, i.e. an eternal place.  The apostle Paul talked about having a desire to depart from the earth and to be directly with Christ, which was better then living here on earth (Phil 1:23).  For Paul, being directly with Jesus Christ was more important than being at his home here on earth.  Is this a view that we too would hold?  How much time, energy and resources do we take to make this earthly home comfortable and thereby miss focusing on what is to be the true home, the true place of comfort.  Of course Paul knew that he had much to do while still on earth so he did not “check out early.”

Lord Jesus help us to value our eternal, heavenly home more than our earthly home.  To do so will require that we value You and Your presence more than what is around us.  Help us to draw our strength and comfort from You, instead of from the passing things of this earth.