These last several weeks have been pretty similar as far as work being accomplished.  The grass is not growing because of the lack of rain, which in turn means very little for us to physically do.  That does not mean nothing is happening.  Two weeks ago we were able to have a great conversation with a Hindu man.  We spend some time talking about how Jesus died for our sin.  Last week we were able to pray with someone because they had pain in their elbow.  Even though we have not been able to mow too many lawns, there are still great opportunities to share the love of Christ!  It is all about being available.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the people who have said yes to coming once a month.  We just had another person sign up to be on the once a month schedule this week.  We are finally getting to the place where this ministry is regularly having enough people coming out to get the job done.  Of course that does not mean we don’t need more people to say yes to once a month.  We have a vision to expand into more areas and need more people to do that.  If you can spare one Saturday morning a month, let me know and we will get you on the schedule as well!


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