Hey Parents!

I really like this article called “Who is that Stranger in My House?”  which talks about the changes teens go through so I thought I would pass on this whole newsletter!


Who is that Stranger in My House?
by Jim Burns
A primer on the changes teens go through during adolescence and how parents can help kids make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Read >>
More Calm and Less Stress for Parents
Jim Burns with Karol Ladd
The holiday season is here and it often results in more family stress. Jim Burns and Karol Ladd discuss reducing stress and increasing calm in your home.
Listen to Part 1 / Listen to Part 2
20 Memorable Family Christmas Traditions
by Jim Burns
Christmastime provides a perfect opportunity to establish wonderful family memories. Try these ideas to see if they work with your family. Read >>
Teenagers and Christmas
by Jim Liebelt
How to handle some potentially awkward moments with your teenager this Christmas.  Read >>



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