In Acts 17:10, in the city of Thessalonica, the believers had to send Paul and Silas away at night.  Later in the city of Berea, the believers had to send Paul to the coast.  In each of these situations the people of the community did not appreciate the message that Paul was proclaiming.  It seems like Paul was some character. Everywhere he went there were challenging situations arising. People were resisting his message. The Jewish people and unsaved people were rising up in anger against him. These people were constantly being stirred against him.  The apostle Paul was being used of God to proclaim truth and liberating words of comfort and hope.  Though the people around him did not see him as doing that.
    Are there people around us who are constantly stirring up frustrations or irritations within us?   Could these irritating people be a vessel sent by God to proclaim truth to us, but we are not letting them near because they seem to be contentious?
  Ask God to give you the ability to receive truth from whichever vessel God brings into your life.