Your Pie Auction generosity is already making a difference!

Thanks to your generosity during our recent Pie Auction events, we have already been able to forward $25,000 to Hungry For Life, and another $10,000 to Tearfund, both working in Ukraine!

Hungry For Life is working with several local churches to build a team in western Ukraine which is receiving and caring for thousands of refugees coming from the east and the capital city of Kyiv. They are providing the basic necessities for thousands of people by purchasing food, mattresses, bedding and hygiene products, and providing interim shelter and accommodations for fleeing refugees. Their current response phase includes warehouse distribution centres in both western and central Ukraine and a fleet of vehicles to distribute aid to both refugees in the west and affected people in the war zones areas in the east.

Tearfund is an international Christian relief and development agency based in the U.K. It currently works in around 50 countries, including Ukraine, with a primary focus on supporting those in poverty and providing disaster relief for disadvantaged communities. In Ukraine they are partnering with local churches to provide families with emergency housing and supplies such as blankets and food.

Ukraine Response – Update 1 from Tearfund Canada on Vimeo.