I often think, “If only I had a better reputation and more fame.  If only I could communicate more clearly, if only people admired me more, then I would be able to better influence people towards the kingdom of God.  Miracles and wonderful healing could all be used to further convince people of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus.  Once word gets out and the ball gets rolling, then great things will be accomplished for the Lord”  but God’s thoughts are not the same as my thoughts.
In John 6:15 it says that the people were so excited about the miracles and the provision of Jesus that, “they were about to come and take Him by force to make Him king, He departed again to the mountain by Himself alone.”  In the time of success, instead of getting more pumped up, Jesus pulls back all the more to refocus on the source of true strength, His walk with the Father, see also Lk. 9:10. He was “on a roll” yet knew what was really important.  It is always our walk with God that is more important than what is accomplished.
    Lord, help us to always have the right focus, the right perspective of success.  May our greatest point of personal rejoicing be based upon our closeness to our heavenly Father.  May we be like Jesus, taking extra time aside from the fame and success to be with Him.