A huge success!!  Our Halloween alternative was well attended by our church families and the community with over 500 kids in attendance.

Bill and Charles from” The Fantastic World” captivated the kids with their zany humor and outrageous stunts. The message they shared of how we are all God’s masterpiece was the perfect endng to such a great show.

In addition the kids had a blast going around and participating in 49 carnival games, ate cotton candy, jumped on bouncers, won door prizes and collected tons of candy.

This successful event could not have been accomplished without the work and dedication of over 100 volunteers.
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


  1. I really want my children to experience this … please send me a reminder for next year’s event. Such a God-honoring alternative to everything that Halloween is. What kind of costumes would you suggest for 4 and 9 year old boys?

  2. Thanks Mimi,
    It is a great event, and God is ultimately honored! With nearly 500 kids in attendance I will not be able to personally remind you but please check our website next September and all the details will be posted. Regarding costumes cowboys and superheroes are always a hit for that age group.

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