What satisfies you?  What brings the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment to your life? Is it an answered prayer, another’s life being touched through something that you have done, a meaningful relationship, the sincere thank you from another person, or some form of personal accomplishment? Does that fulfillment last, and if so for how long?  There is something which God has for us which is greater than any of these things. Psalm 65:4 says “We shall be satisfied with the goodness of Your house, Of Your holy temple.”

What is this goodness of God’s house which satisfies? I don’t think that the Psalmist was saying that the church building would be something which would satisfy him.  Instead it would be God Himself Who truly satisfies. To some, the very thought that God in Himself would satisfy us seems like a strange or foreign thought.  That would probably be an indication of how little we actually get fulfillment or satisfaction from our present relationship with Him.

Lord may we experience lasting satisfaction in You.


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