This weekend at Adopt-A-Block there was a good number of us that made it out. We were able to split into three teams which helps the morning run a little faster. The sun was out and shining, helping to melt a lot of the snow that had piled up from the weekend before.

It’s always nice when the sun is out shining because it makes it that much easier for people to want to open their doors and chat for a while. We shoveled a number of walkways and had some good conversations with people. We talked to a lady about Church and asked if she had ever been out to Church of the Rock. She said she had visited a while back so we gave her another invitation to check it out again sometime if she wanted to.

Now that the sun is out and shining and the weather will be warming up, there will be much more opportunities to talk with people. Come and join us one Saturday and get to know your neighbors.


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