From a high advantage, I was recently looking over the scenic view of our city. From a distance some large, tall, familiar objects could be recognized in the general location of where my house was. Though my house was too small to be recognized I could roughly tell its location based on the location of these other large buildings. At the location of my house these two large buildings were about a kilometre on either side of my house, yet from a distance they looked side by side. Objects which are far apart can appear close together when seen from a distance. In a spiritual sense it is possible for concepts to appear very close or similar yet in reality be very far apart. In Psalm 99:5 we are instructed to “Exalt the Lord our God, And worship at His footstool—He is holy.” Within the scriptures we see two things that happen at the footstool of the Lord. Here we see worship taking place. In Ps 110:1 “The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.” Here we see the vanquishing of the enemy. Both take place at the same place. There may be worship or conquering. We each have a choice of how we will position ourselves before His throne. Will it be in worship or in defeat as the enemy of the Lord. PastorKeithsBlog