I was sitting at the table not wanting to get up, dreading the next event.  Not because the event was bad but because of responsibilities and expectations that were upon me and on top of that I did feel tired.  Actually I felt really tired.  I wanted to stay at home just sit and read or go to bed.  As I was sitting a thought came to me based upon the words of Jesus. “Come to Me, all you  who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”(Matthew 11:28 NKJV). Yes rest, that is what I wanted.  But the verse said I needed to draw near to him, then the rest would come.  Many times we  think that pulling away, reading a book, getting sleep, watching TV, vegging out, taking holidays, or many other things will give us rest, and they may provide it in some measure.  However Jesus says, “Come to Me”.  There is an aspect of the true rest we need that is only available from coming to our Lord.  We can try lots of things to get true rest, yet only obtain a form or level of superficial rest, if this deep inner rest from the Lord is not obtained.

Lord, today I want to come to you and receive the rest that you provide.