As Moses comes before God in Exodus 3, he is told to take off his shoes.  We looked at how the removal of our shoes is seen as a yielding of our rights.  But taking off the shoes is also the start of the life of brokenness before God.  Such brokenness needs to be a voluntary act, Moses chose to obey God, to take off his shoes and to go barefooted before The Lord.
Without shoes the feet are exposed to many hurtful things as one walks forward.   In Ephesians 6: 15 we are told that we should have our feet shod with the preparation of peace, Moses willingly exposed his feet to hardship as He stood before God.  In the days ahead, Moses would willingly sacrifice personal ease and comfort to help bring peace to others that were troubled.    The prophet Isaiah would later write about how God would keep people in perfect peace, if they kept their minds on Him (Isaiah 26:3). Only in the light of this peace from Our Lord can one walk forward in an exposed way and not stumble mentally or spiritually. Yet in the midst of the exposing and making ourselves vulnerable, God says that for those who set their heart upon Him, “He shall give His angels charge over thee lest you dash your foot upon the stones” (Ps 91:11-12).
What areas are you willing to sacrifice to help bring peace to others?