This is a praise report as a result of the healing service on Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014 [Power & Praise]. During the service, my right hand thumb (arthritis) was healed. For 3 and 1/2 years I have had pain in this joint; 2 cortisone injections and multiple x-rays and several chiropractors and massage therapists. Since then I have seen a hand specialist who recommends hand surgery in the next couple of years. During the service and after prayer, the swelling immediately went down—no more swelling.The pain was gone and the thumb joint was “crunchy and loose”. I waited 2 days to write this report to see if my miracle still was valid. I am happy, no ecstatic to report that still no pain. My thumb is still crunchy and loose, but no pain. I surmise that once the swelling went down, the joint was in fact loose. I know that I am healed by the power of Jesus. The repair is in the works! I look forward to the day that I can show the doctors the before and after x-rays, and say that my God Heals! Thank you so much! Brian


  1. I’m very glad to hear of your joint being healed by the one who created it. I know what the pain is like, my little finger on my right hand is very hard to bend and kind of snaps when it does. I hope God heals it instead of me having to go to the doctor or taking some kind of drugs.
    Prayer requested. Thanks.

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