Jeremiah 20:9 -13 – It is interesting how fear quickly grips our hearts and affects our speech.  No sooner has Jeremiah stated that he cannot hold back God’s words, he blurts out the words that God gave him, and then, he is attacked by the mocking of others.  As a consequence of this he sees and feels fear on every side of him. People, including his friends, were waiting for him to be deceived and to stumble.  Maybe there are similar fears of being misunderstood, mocked or rejected, that cause us to hold back from speaking.  Though God’s words would bubble up within us, as they recently did in Jeremiah, we keep the Word of God under control and hidden – lest our speaking be turned against us.

But note Jeremiah’s response, he is not overwhelmed, instead he says, “But the LORD is with me like a mighty warrior;” (vs 11) and then he breaks into praise over the delivering power of God (vs13).   Jeremiah focused on something more powerful than the threats of those around him.  He saw that the Almighty God was with him.

Who do you see standing beside you.  Is it the mockers and scorners or the Almighty God, the Mighty Warrior?  You would say that it is the Lord Who is with you, good!  Do you now live and speak as though He is the Mighty One by you?  Lord, help us to see and to trust in You more than others around us.