So I had this bad day.  All through the day I kept thinking, “Did I ever blow that, how come I couldn’t even get that simple thing right?”  Now to be honest, it wasn’t even a big or important thing that I bungled, but maybe that was why it bothered me so much.  “I should at least be able to do the simple things well.”   Maybe it was the perfectionist nature in me that caused me to be frustrated and disappointed with myself.  So as I’m going around frustrated with myself, a thought came to me, “Keith, you take yourself too seriously.  Are you a god that needs to be perfect or am I God and you need Me, because your aren’t perfect?”  Of course the answer is obvious, God is God and I am not. He is perfect and I am not.  However when I thought about this some more, I realized that my frustration with myself was due to me wanting to be perfect and being frustrated because I wasn’t.  I was taking on God’s role and then condemning myself when I didn’t measure up to being like Him, i.e. perfect.  Immediately the heaviness and self condemnation in my heart lifted.  God doesn’t expect me to do everything right, that’s His job, so why do I expect to be flawless?   When I do fail, my Lord is still there with His mercy, love and forgiveness.

Thank You Lord, for delivering us from the bondage of having to be perfect!  Lord, thank You, that as God, You are the big “P” Perfectionist and that you deliver me from needing to be the small “p” perfectionist.   Whether there are flaws or mistakes in my life, You receive me as I am.  Thank You, that You remove the heaviness which perfectionism brings and that You restore joy and worth based upon Your constant love and acceptance!