“Buy now, make no payments till 2016”.  We live in a society that wants quick results with no immediate costs.  Yet in the first Christmas there were great costs. 

  • The loss of Joseph’s good reputation when taking a young pregnant woman to be his wife.
  • The scandalous rumours that would be spread about Mary having a child outside of marriage.
  • The young baby boys under the age of two, who were murdered under the orders of Herod.
  • The newborn Christ child and His parents having to be uprooted  fleeing to Egypt

   This Christmas each of us will have opportunities to help people.  There will be challenges that people will present.  Painful situations will come forward, sharp words and awkward decisions.
   To bring help into these situations we need to realize that there too will be costs for us.  These costs might seem huge, they might sap the energy from us and consume our resources.  The expenditures on our behalf might even seem to be more than we are capable of giving.  When Jesus came to help us, He did not come in His own strength, He too needed the strength and power of God upon Him.
   This Christmas season, may we be able to draw upon the help of God so that you can help others to walk close to Him also.