Everywhere I go people and businesses are telling me that there is an APP for the solutions of life.  If I want to cash a cheque, I can take a picture of the cheque, use an APP and the cheque is cashed without leaving my home.  Got a question about how to use extra brown rice, there’s an APP that will help you.  Whether you are organizing your life, recording vehicle mileage, keeping track of contacts, sending pictures, plotting your holidays, booking airline tickets, or playing a game, there’s an APP that will help you.  I wonder how people could have lived back in the days of Jesus without the internet and APPs?
   No, wait, maybe the people had better things than APPs and the internet.  Maybe they had relationships with real people and they had the true connections with the living God.  In John 4:34 Jesus tells His disciples that the thing that sustained Him, the thing that gave nourishment to Him was doing the will of His Father.
   Perhaps we don’t need more apps or better internet connections just a more real APPointment with God the Father, through Jesus.