How much do we trust the leading and provision of God?  I recently listened as a Chinese lady,  Zammee, (name changed for security reasons) shared her testimony.  She had received the Lord as her personal saviour at the age of 17, then a year later went to a secret Bible School.  After her Biblical training she was sent to other cities.  She remembered being given 8 Chinese dollars (about $1.60 CAN at today’s value) and a one way ticket to a community.  Only one address was supplied, she was not certain who was there at the address, but in faith she went to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  She was not married at this time, but would travel, live and minister with another single Christian lady.  This started her venture of trusting Jesus.
When they would first go into a new community, often few people were interested in the message they shared, and sometimes none were willing to host or accommodate them.  At times they would have to live in wilderness areas, under trees or in caves.  When there was apparent persecution then they would often have to hide in the country.  During the many times when there was not enough money, they would fast for one meal and only eat two meals or less a day.  When they got sick they would not have money nor enough medicine. At one time Zammee was hiding so she would not get caught by officials who were hunting for Christians, but at the same time Zammee was so sick that she entered into a comma. However the church that had sent her into the region received a vision from God about Zammee’s condition and that she needed help.  Then the church sent people to find and help Zammee, according to the location as seen in the vision.  They were able to give medication to her and to bring her back to the sending church area.  Upon full recovery, Zammee then was sent out to continue sharing the Gospel in another area.
In all these situations Zammee showed no regret, no sense of life being hard or the challenges being too difficult.  She expressed excitement about how God was using her to bring individuals to Christ.  She focused on the fact that God worked through her.  In one Chinese province they had over 21 meetings a month, through this time period 1000’s of people came to be touched and encouraged by God.
Jesus said that we are to go into all the world, teaching, preaching and baptizing, and that as we are going out,  He would be with us,  (Matthew 28).
Take note from the testimony of Zammee:

  1. The life of faith means that we don’t always have all the details figured out, but that we trust that God will work out what we don’t know.
  2. The life of obedience to God does not always mean that everything will go well for us, but it does mean that our Lord will be with us.
  3. God can protect His people even if He needs to give a vision to others, revealing the need and guiding others to the need.
  4. Our faithfulness to our Lord, even when it is not easy, often releases the powerful working of God.
  5. What others may see as difficulties are not really as destructive as people may think, especially when we are faithfully following our Lord.
  6. The challenges that life presents as one follows our Lord are nothing compared to the joy of seeing God touch lives.

Take a moment to consider Zammee’s testimony and to ask,  “are there some areas in your life where you need to trust that our Lord Jesus will be faithfully there for you, as He was there for Zammee?”