I was recently talking with a person about old age retirement. In the conversation the question came up about “what do pastors do to help prepare for their retirement years?”  “Do you have investment plans or some type of guaranteed incomes to support you when aged?”  In the conversation we talked about people who had given their work place yet at the end of 40 years, when they were old and no longer needed, they were released from the job and ended up with nothing to show for their hard years of service.

In the Book of Joshua, the children of Israel are obtaining the promised land.  Tribe after tribe conquers the enemy and obtains what would become their inheritance.  However, the tribe of Levi was not given its own land for their possessions.  Joshua 13:33 “But to the tribe of Levi, Moses had given no inheritance”(See also Deut. 10:9; Deut. 18:2) .  Thinking about this I could not help but ask, “What if I had nothing to show for 30 or 40 years of service.  When other people would have obtained, houses, possessions, money, reputation, success,  etc.  What if I had accumulated nothing and was destitute in my last years of life?”

If you were to read all of Joshua 13: 33 you would see that the Levites did receive an inheritance, but the inheritance was unique in its nature, different from what others received.  Joshua 13:33 “But to the tribe of Levi Moses had given no inheritance; the LORD God of Israel was their inheritance”.  This statement brought different forms of challenges.

In the last years of my life, if I had no riches, no fame, no great results from my earlier years, could I be content with having “the Lord God of Israel as my inheritance”  When others have their wealth, success or accomplishments, could I be satisfied with the Lord God, and Him alone?  In our society where notoriety, success, possession, good health, and money are the indicators and objects for having a good life, what if I had nothing to show for my life, except that I had a walk with God, would that satisfy me?  A greater question is whether my present relationship with the Lord is so real and meaningful that these other things in the world, as mentioned above, are not important compared with what God has to offer me, i.e. Him being my inheritance.

God has something to offer us that really does satisfy us at all times, a relationship with Him.  Lord, help us to truly cherish Your relationship.



  1. Yes Yes Yes & Amen! Great Word Keith… All I want is the Lord God as my inheritance!!!

  2. All I want is.. The Lord my God, cos if I have.. HIM & HIM ALONE.. I have.. EVERYTHING!

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