In Joshua 3:7, God is speaking to Joshua saying that “This day I will begin to exalt you in the sight of all Israel, that they may know that, as I was with Moses, so I will be with you.”  Wow! What a promise from God.  It makes you wonder, what has Joshua done to cause God to be willing to exalt him?

Before looking at what actions of Joshua might have precipitated this comment by God, first it is important to notice that God said that He would be the one who would exalt Joshua.  God must be the one who initiates and brings about the exalting of an individual.  It is not something that individuals can obtain through their own efforts alone. Yet there are some things which might set us up as candidates for the exalting of the Lord.  Looking at some scriptures prior to verse 7 we see the importance of:

  1. Being willing to serve others – Ex. 33:11
  2. Being a person who has confidence in God’s ability to keep His word – Num. 14:6-9
  3. Following the presence of the Lord – Josh 3:3
  4. Being prepared to go wherever God would lead even though it might be in areas that we have never gone before – Josh 3:4
  5. Allow ourselves to be sanctified – set apart from inappropriate desires – holy unto The Lord. – Josh 3:5
  6. Have a positive anticipation that God will work in one’s midst – expecting the miraculous – Josh 3:5

These attributes within Joshua helped to set him up as one whom the Lord could make great.  Joshua possessed these attributes, not so that he might be great but because he wanted to be close to the Lord, His God.  His desire for God and his obedience to the Lord helped make him into one whom God could promote to greatness.

Let’s take time through the day to reflect on how important these 6 points are in our lives.  Then where necessary, endeavour, with God’s help, to realign our values.