This week…

Game Show
February 27th Wednesday 7-9pm
Game Show Wednesdays are our favourite way to laugh and win prizes!  It’s always something silly yet fun!  We also continue with our 40 Days of Prayer series!

The week after that…

March 6th moved to March 9th
Sat. Mar. 9th – Threshold Jr Retreat Fundraiser
8:00 am – 12:30 pm in the Youth Room
We will be making sandwiches and selling food at the Promise Keepers event at COTR. Everyone who comes will get a big discount ($50-90) to their Threshold Jr Retreat cost (May 3-5 @ Camp Arnes).
Retreat registrations coming in April.

The week after that…

Whisper Challenge
March 13th Wednesday 7-9pm
WHAT DID YOU SAY? Try to guess what your friend is saying without hearing them! Prizes for the best lip reader! We also continue with our 40 Days of Prayer!


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