This week…

Talent Show
November 21st – Wednesday – 7:00pm-9pm
Every year we see how talented Threshold Jr students really are!  This year will be no different! Come and show us your talent!  Talents could be anything; Karate moves, art pieces, Dad jokes, improv skits, rubik’s cube skills, singing, dancing or playing an instrument!  Bring your talent and your support for others!


The week after that…

Gross Out Night
November 28th – Wednesday – 7:00pm-9pm
Have you ever eaten a live cricket? Or ate a McHappy Meal blended together into a shake? Wack a raw egg on your forehead? Let’s see if you can stomach these challenges for some sweet prizes!  We also continue our faith series called Vital!

The week after that…

Human Bowling
December 5th – Wednesday 7-9pm
Inflatable pins and real humans on scooters to knock them down! Join us as we have a ton of fun and continue our Vital series!


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