Read through John 5:19, 20  and then read through John 15:1-16

Note the comparisons:

  • John 5:19 – the Son can do nothing of Himself but does what the Father is doing. –> John 15:5 – without Jesus we can do nothing.
  • John 5:20 – the Father loves the Son.  –> John 15:9 Jesus loves us in the same way that the Father loved Him.
  • John 5:20 – the Father shows to Jesus all that He does. –> John 15:15 – Jesus says that all things that He heard from My Father He would make known to us.
  • John 5:20 –  The Father will show great works through Jesus –> John 15:7 & 14:12 – Jesus says that if we believe in Him then greater works will be done.

Note the strength and affirmation that Jesus received from fellowship with God the Father as seen in John 5.  Then see how Jesus shares that there are similar benefits available to us from abiding with Him in John 15 .  Lord Jesus help us to abide so close to You that we might rightly receive all the benefits that You received from Your close walk with the Father.