Halloween is almost upon us and we want to dress up and join the fun!

Tuesday, Oct. 31

Every year the church holds a Halloween alternative for the kids, and we thought we’d help out before we have our own fun. So grab a friend, come up with a costume (of a positive nature), and SIGN UP for a game to run!

Some games that are available include:
Fishers of Men
Snake Pit
Rebekah at the Well
Face Painting
Disc Slam
Gi-normous Football
Mini Golf
Feed the Monkey
Ring Ross
and more!

There are only 3 DAYS LEFT to sign up! Contact Alfie by emailing her at alfie@churchoftherock.ca. Volunteers show up between 6:15pm-6:45pm for instructions and the night ends around 8:30pm. After Rock-O-Rama finishes we’ll meet on the stage in the sanctuary for a group photo and discuss where we should go to hang out next.