On Monday the team had gone into the community inviting people to the evening service and praying for the needs of the  people.  At one home there was a young girl who, when asked what she wanted prayer for, immediately asked to accept Jesus Christ into her life.  Tuesday night was the first church service that she had ever been to.  She felt awkward coming into the building, but when inside and among the people she enjoyed the singing and the service.  She said that she felt wonderful and that she would be back again on Sunday.  Her life was changed.
  On Tuesday evening 200 people from the church and community joined to see the Jesus Video, part 2.  Many of the ones who had invited Jesus into their lives during the day were at the service. We stopped the video just before Jesus was crucified and explained how Jesus actuality laid down His life. It was not that people killed Him without Him knowing it, but in love He chose to allow himself to be crucified.  We explained how individuals need to trust in the work of Jesus and the forgiveness which He provides.  Many people feel that life is just what you live here on earth. “When you are dead you are dead”, so we talked about how in our heart and minds we know that there is more to life.  God has put a sense of eternity into our hearts so that we might seek after him.  Without an eternity, then there is really no purpose for the present life.  Many people raised their hands and prayed to receive the Lord.  The pastor was greatly encouraged.
    After the watching of the Jesus Video we took time to pray for people to be healed.  Many shoulders and ankles were touched through prayer and through words of knowledge.  We then prayed for other specific needs of the people.
  God constantly showed how much He cared for those who were distant from Him.  His love, power and forgiveness was present.  These same attributes of God are also available to us, if we  will look to Him.