From May 1 to May 17, 14 people from Church of the Rock participated in a medical and spiritual mission trip to Uganda.

The purpose of this trip was to serve the church and community by providing needed medication to the community members, as well as share the gospel and pray for them.  We visited three different communities and shared the love of Jesus with them through the gift of medication, reading glasses and mosquito nets, as well as individual prayer.

The first community we visited was Ndejje.  We served in this region last year as well, but in a different location, in partnership with a different church.  We held a medical clinic at Arise and Shine Community Church for 2 days and treated over 1000 people.  We also offered a dental clinic where people could have rotten teeth extracted, and an booth where people could get reading glasses.  We prayed over every person who came through the clinic and saw many healings and decisions for Christ.  Pr. Duane from Church of the Rock also preached a message at the Sunday morning service, and the team taught the Sunday School lessons for the children.

The second community we visited was Bukomero.  Here we served for two days at Bukomero Chosen Church.  We held the same clinic services and saw about 900 people in this community.  There were not as many local volunteers available to interpret, so we weren’t always able to offer prayer or glasses, but we did when we could.

The third community was called Kyankwanzi, and we served at Eden Community Church.  We held the same clinic here within the church building for three days.  Many local volunteers were available so we were once again able to offer prayer and glasses. We prayed for almost every one of the 1300 people who came through the clinic.  Many people were healed and made decisions for Christ.  We also sent teams of 3 people at a time during the afternoons into the community to offer mosquito nets and prayer to people in the village.  They were very well received.  On our last day, Pr. Duane again preached in the Sunday morning service and the team lead the children’s lessons.

In all, the Church of the Rock team were able to help about 3200 people with their immediate medical needs.  Some of the people who came to the clinic were in urgent or life threatening need, and many received treatment for illnesses they have struggled with for quite a while.  It was a great experience for all, and an incredibly successful trip.