On October 3-19, 2022, our team of 13 people went from Church of the Rock to to minister to the spiritual and medical needs of disadvantaged people in various areas of Uganda.  We held medical clinics by working with a local medical team to bring medical care to rural areas and  we provided aid in the construction of a church roof.  We also offered prayer and ministry in all areas we ministered in as well as served in the Sunday morning church services.  The team also visited a few orphanages: Bethany Village and Loving Hearts Care Home.  At Loving Hearts, we donated a large amount of diapers collected by the team.

Main Achievements in Namasujju and Pakwach Medical Camps

  • A total of 1,537 patients were served in Namasujju (507 males, 1,030 Females and 161 among
    these were children under the age of five years).
  • A total of 1,943 patients were served in Pakwach (544 males, 1,399 females and 219 among
    these were children under the age of five). All these patients accessed a range of health care
  • A total of 700 mosquito bed nets were distributed ( 300 nets in Namasujju and 400 nets in
  • 308 pairs of reading glasses were given out in both locations to people who had reading
  • A team of church leaders from both Namasujju Community Church and Pakwach Transformation
    Church joined the health care team in ministering to communities. A total of 96 and 57 people
    received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in Namasujju and Pakwach respectively.

Our next trip is Nov 2023.