What we think of ourselves and the abilities that we think we possess, affects how we function, how we interpret situations around us and how we respond to pressures around us. Proverbs 23:7 says “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” When you are faced with obstacles and challenging situations do you see yourself as one who will be victorious or do you see yourself as someone who is being manipulated or taken advantage of? Do you have an understanding within your heart of the reality that you will be an overcomer or do you see the struggle as just another thing to endure?
In Romans 16:20 we are told that, “the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly.” These words should be very encouraging to us. They tell us that even if it seems like the battles or the struggles are coming from the very initiation and power of Satan himself, we will be victorious. God will not just put Satan under our feet, God will actually crush Satan under our feet. This process of bringing Satan under our feet and crushing him under our feet will not be one of anxiety, stress, frustration or turmoil for it will be done by “the God of peace”. There are many descriptives that could have been used to articulate what God was like, but the writer specifically states that it is the “God of peace” who will do this.
In the emotional, physical, mental, financial and spiritual struggles that you go through we should live our lives with an understanding that “the God of peace” is with you. Live in those moments with the understanding that “the God of peace” will use these moments (when we could be intimidated, fearful, or panicking) to crush Satan under your feet.
Right now there may be situations that are overwhelming you. Choose to rest in the God of peace, knowing that as a believer in Christ you are going to be a victorious person. In this situation and in others to come, as we rest in our Lord Jesus, we can know that God will be working to crush Satan under our feet. See yourselves as victorious because the God of peace is working. Choose to rest in our Lord’s peace.


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