There are many things which can cause us to groan from within, whether it be the pressures of life, the burdens of others or the sickness of a loved one.  The frustration or sense of helplessness within ourselves will cause us to groan over our inabilities.  In Romans 8 we are told that at times we don’t know how to pray but the Spirit groans within us, making intercession on our behalf.

2 Cor 5:4 talks about a different type of groaning.  “For we who are in this tent groan, being burdened, not because we want to be unclothed, but further clothed, that mortality may be swallowed up by life.”  This is not groaning because of an injustice or unreachable goal, but rather a cry for something better that is still to come.  It is yearning for a future walk with God that is stronger and more tangible than what we presently have.  We often groan as we look for a change to our situations, yet God’s word tells us that something inside of us is craving for a sensing of God that will truly satisfy all desires of the heart, for in His presence is fullness of Joy (Ps . 16:11).

The nature of exciting experiences and fulfilling relationships always cause us to desire more.  There is a parallel between the fulfillment of things here on earth and the spiritual fulfillment of our walk with God.   Just as good experiences here on earth leave us yearning to have more, so too, a good walk with God will always leave us somewhat empty and unsatisfied, wanting more of a relationship with Him.  Because of our finite nature, here on earth we can never fully receive enough of an awareness or experience with God to be truly satisfied.  We need to keep coming to Him again and again to experience more and more of Him.

How do we experience God?  A good place to start would be with a desire to see and sense Him.  To this we can add:

  • Learning about the life and nature of Jesus – no one can come to God except through Jesus.
  • Reading the scriptures and asking that God would make them relevant to your life.
  • Praying for God to help you to see Him working in and around you
  • Asking for the Holy Spirit to gently drop His thoughts and impressions into your heart.
  • Seeking to be more aware of the love of God in your life, and the peace of God in every situation.

In your heart there will be groanings of dissatisfaction, wishing that things would be different.  Take time to turn this groaning into times of great satisfaction as you experience the love and nature of Jesus Christ, the one who truly satisfies.