There are times when my wife looks me in my eyes and says, “Keith, we need to do this now!  It can’t wait till tomorrow.”  I have learned through experience that when this happens I need to do it as soon as possible, my life’s priorities have just been more finely tuned and I need to respond.  In John chapter 9, Jesus is with His disciples, they see the man born blind and Jesus says, “We need to be energetically at work for the One who sent me here, working while the sun shines. When night falls, the workday is over.” (Verse 4 – Message)  The Amplified Bible says that we are to be “busy with His business while it is daylight”.  Jesus could have said, “Boy, life is busy, I have so much to do!” Instead He says that “we” need to be involved and engaged in doing the work.  This work process was not just for one day, but is to continue as long as Jesus is in the world.  Jesus is in us, the Hope of glory (Col 1:27).  So are we doing the work of Jesus while He is with us and it is still light?

Lord help us to respond to your desire to change our priorities so we will willingly do Your work.