Why is it that we are so starved for significance that we endeavor to obtain it from someone else’s fame and success. When our “Canadian Team” wins, then there is an implied statement, “I am Canadian, I am valued, our country is important, because someone else won a gold medal.” Unfortunately, we borrow our worth and value from someone else’s success. Ultimately that seems a little shallow and empty. Olympic fever is starting to wind down. The nation of Canada has gotten up early to view the Olympics, especially the final game of the men’s hockey. In some regions of the country people were getting up at 5:00 am or earlier to watch the playoff between Canada and Sweden, Canada winning 3 – 0. Being that the game was early Sunday morning, I kept thinking, “This game is being played earlier than I normally would get up on a Sunday.” I know that thousands of Christians will have gotten up early last Sunday, not to go to church or to meet with God but to watch a hockey game. I have nothing against hockey, but would they have also gotten up just as early to meet with one who would give them true significance, their God and King? God wants us to have our own experiences with Him, our

own victories through the help of our Lord. Victories which far surpass anything that “Team Canada” could impress us with. These personal experiences with God and the victories He gives individually and corporately will be well worth getting up early to experience, experiences and opportunities in which “we win”!