Life can be emotionally challenging for the person who is aware of their own weaknesses, for those who understand their own mental, physical and emotional limitations and for those who realize their own sinfulness.  Looking in real ways upon our lives can be very discouraging.  Our understanding of what our life should be like is balanced by what it actually looks like.  Of course, if we compare ourselves to those that are better than ourselves it gets even more frustrating since we don’t “measure up.”
It is good and important that we have an honest appraisal of ourselves, but this reality is constantly throwing painful memories of our failures and shortcomings back into our face.  It is this real look upon ourselves, under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit that causes us to see our need for a Redeemer.  We realize that in our own ability we will never be good enough, we will never measure up to God’s standards and therefore we need His help.
The book of Song of Solomon can be seen as an allegorical picture of the relationship of Jesus (the Beloved) and the Church (the Shulamite).  As I read through the Song of Solomon, I am constantly amazed at how the Beloved is enthralled and captivated with the beauty of the Shulamite.  I constantly think of how Our Lord sees us beautiful, not based upon our own merits, but because He sees the nature and beauty of His Son, Jesus Christ, upon us.  Romans 5 tells us that we become justified – i.e. just as if we have never sinned (Vs 9) – because of the work of Jesus Christ.  We are made righteous – i.e. having right status with God – because of the righteousness of Christ which is given to us (Vs19).
These and many other scriptures show that in spite of our sinfulness and flaws, when we choose to respond in faith to the forgiveness and mercy of God, through Jesus, then He sees us as beautiful in His sight.  We have sin and have limitations, but He looks upon us beautiful and He desires a relationship with us.  This is so encouraging!
Take a moment to thank God for His great love towards us and for how He sees value and worth in us.  Let His love for you transform your perspective of yourself.  Be encouraged.