The man behind the order desk looked up and smiled “So what’s new today”. Thinking through my model and part number that I was needing I was not anticipating that question.  My mind was racing, what is new today, how do I answer what he asked?  My mind was blank, so I stumbled out some words about being busy trying to fix my appliance and that was it.  However in retrospect I thought, “Was that the best answer I could give, was there nothing new, interesting or worthwhile that I could have answered in a polite, non-pushy way that would have helped point this fellow to some hope or encouragement that he might not have had otherwise?”

The Apostle Paul encouraged the church in Colossians to pray that God would open up to them a door for their message, Col 4:2.  Paul obviously felt that he had a message, he just needed open doors and open hearts that he might then step forward to share that message.  I asked myself, “What is my message?  What is God doing in my life today that I could use to answer the question of “So what’s new today?””  Of course it is easy to make a “canned” message that we regurgitate to others whenever we have an opportunity.  However this type of message can often seem forced, contrived and insincere as it is not one that is connected to a recent awareness of God ministering, Him comforting or Him encouraging, producing something that is “new today”.

Having a message does not come about by getting God to work in our lives, for He is always wanting and trying to work in us, but rather the message comes from taking the time to reflect upon what God is doing and then drawing strength from God and His word in the face of what is happening.  The Apostle Paul encourages us to comfort others with the comfort that we ourselves have received, 2 Cor. 1:4 .  This means that we first need to receive the comfort before we can share it with others.

Take some time to reflect upon what God is doing in your life.  Is this something that is relevant to others?  Could this be a part of your answer to “What’s new today”?