Every where we go, while in Uganda, we are constantly asking, “What is the cost?”  A box of 24 bottles of water is 14,000 shillings, but in US dollars that is around $5.60. What’s the cost for a bottle of Coke – 1,500 shillings or $.60 at the market, around $1.20 in a restaurant. A liter of diesel, 3,800 shillings or $1.58 US.  But what is the real cost to life?  Discussing about becoming a Christian, a Muslim lady said that she would like to do so, but not at this time. We tried to determine if there was something which she needed clarification about. She said she understood everything perfectly.  We reiterated that now was the time to make such a decision. We explained how this was the most important decision that she could ever make and sometimes we foolishly think that life will just continue on as normal and that we can try to respond at a “later time”. But who knows if we will even have such a “later time?”  She said yes, she understood, but she was concerned about what her husband would say. Ah, that was it! Yes the message was clear but the cost of possible anger or rejection from her husband was more than she was prepared to make at this time.  She left, not responding to the gospel.

We could look down upon that lady and say she missed “true life”, because of over valuing “short term life”, but often we do the same.  We want to obey The Lord yet because of the fear of loosing something, we fail to obey.  We might have lots of excuses but, in reality, the reasons we give, the excuses we present, or in spite of  whatever else we might say, the real issue is that inwardly we think that the cost is too great for us.

Luke 14:28 encourages us to count the cost.  Lord help us to consider, and weigh the eternal costs more seriously then the short term costs. Lord, help us to see that there are no long term costs, only long term gains which will come from following you.


  1. Yes, the cost of following Christ in other countries is definitely a life changing path that can be a life or death decision. I can see how hard of decision this would be to make for those who know persecution would be emminent.
    We have it so easy here in the West at the moment. I am thankful that we still have so much freedom. If things do change (and I am thinking they will), will we be found faithful? I pray so, and I do pray that this woman would eventually make the decision to follow Christ and that He will give her the strength to do it.

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