We are living in a post Christian society.  It used to be that people all around were God conscious.  Though they may not have been born-again Christians, they understood that there was a God, that the Bible was the Word of God, that there was sin, heaven and hell.  Things are different now.  Around us are people who don’t even know who Jesus was, except that His name is something others have said when cursing.  When we talk to such people, it is as if they have no framework to comprehend spiritual things.  This is what Moses faced when he first came before Pharaoh.   Exodus 5:2  “Pharaoh said, “And who is GOD that I should listen to him and send Israel off?  I know nothing of this so-called ‘GOD’ (Message translation – emphasis mine)”   Perhaps you too have tried to share with others about your walk with God, only to have them roll their eyes, look or comment as if to say, “What strange universe did you come from?  You think there is a God, One Who talks, does miracles, and then He came to earth and died!”.  These people dismiss us thinking, “I know nothing of this so-called God.”  How are we to minister to such people, how do we help bring them into the kingdom of our Lord Jesus?

It is in this situation that God steps in.  In the face of Pharaoh’s lack of understanding or unwillingness to understand the Lord speaks to Moses and says, “Look at me. I’ll make you as a god to Pharaoh, (Exodus 7:1 Message).”  God does not make us or Moses into a god. Though people may not understand or comprehend the nature of God on their own, it is God’s desire that our lives would reflect the nature and ways of the Lord in such a way, they would see and understand the ways of God through us.  We should expect that like in the Moses & Pharaoh situation, God will do important things through us, to show Himself in real ways to others who are sceptical and don’t believe.

Lord, there are many people all around us who do not even know of You, neither do they believe in You, help us to rightly reflect You to the world around us.  May they see and understand You through how they see us.  May we not be intimidated by the questioning of others but walk with such confidence and assurance that You will work through us in such ways that these people will  come to see and know You.