Why should people believe us?  What spiritual authority would we have in their lives?   Why should they trust my words to be true?  Jesus made a bold statement about why we should believe Him.  Jesus says in John 10:37, “If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me”.  Perhaps this statement applies to us also, if we were more like our heavenly Father, then that would give greater reason for people to believe what we say.

As humans, we have no difficulty being like God when we see and condemn sin in the lives of others, but what else is Our Heavenly Father like?  In Exodus 34:6,7, God declares His nature to Moses, “And the Lord passed before him and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, by no means clearing the guilty”.

Heavenly Father, help us to be more like You!