Hello Women of Worth!  It is always such a joy seeing what all the small groups are studying each session.  Last week we connected with the group Heir to the Crown, and this week we’re going to see what the small group studying Bob Goff’s books Love Does and Everybody Always is doing.  Small groups allow us to connect better in the season of life that we’re currently experiencing.  It means we get to learn together in a safe environment and grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We trust you are enjoying your WOW small group this session!

If you ever studied a Bob Goff series you know that anything can happen!  When this group first got together they were quickly thrown into a non linear way of thinking.  After finishing chapter 1 accompanied by a video they are then told to read chapter 9 for the following week!  And then chapter 20!  And then to make the lessons hit home a little more why not throw in a fun exercise.

The last lesson was “Be Not Afraid” which discussed the power of spontaneously stepping into adventure with God. So the group practiced this posture with a classic group game “the human knot”.

We had to speed up the video because it did take them 4 min and 33 sec:)
Check it out and see if they could come out of the knot…

Life with Jesus is truly an adventure learning to listen and obey. And as we practice, our goal is to Be Not Afraid!

Thank you, ladies, for bringing such delicious snacks every week.  And for those that are also bringing gluten free options!  Much appreciated.